Suburban panorama

When visiting somewhere for the first time, it's nice (if the option is available) to get to a high point and survey the lay of the land. Visitors to Adelaide will most often be taken to Windy Point, a wonderful lookout point just south of Adelaide in the suburb of Belair with a view west... Continue Reading →

A cellar door with much more in store

A recent trip to the Banrock Station Wine and Wetland Centre revealed the changes to the environment that have taken place over recent years, as the 1,000 hectares of restored wetlands that surround the vineyards improve things for native flora and fauna. Banrock Station, situated in the heart of South Australia's Riverland, alongside the mighty... Continue Reading →

William Ricketts Sanctuary

As we finally exited the gardens and looked at our watches, we realised we had only spent a mere 30 minutes in the gardens. We felt like we had spent hours exploring a secret and fantastical world.

8 unique Australian escapes

Heading overseas for every holiday because you’ve think you’ve done everything on our shores? Today we take you through 8 unique Australian holidays – you haven’t experienced Australia until you’ve ticked these off your list.

A trip to World’s End

Sounds like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, doesn't it? 🙂 World's End is a hike in Sri Lanka's Horton Plains National Park. It was, I think, my first ever hike (for fun) the tender age of 26 ......Wow! On reflection, that seems like a very late age to do my very first hike!... Continue Reading →

This Peking Duck trip ticks all the boxes

Okay, this is not a foodie blog. But this is not a detailed run-down of a meal either. If you’ve never tried Peking Duck, or you’re searching for Adelaide’s top serving of this glorious three-in-one Cantonese dish, read on. Adelaide’s Chinatown is centred on Moonta Street running alongside the Central Market off Victoria Square. While... Continue Reading →

Tulip Mania

Spring is almost upon us and the gardens are ready to bloom (or if your lucky already blooming), and with Spring comes Tulip Mania!

Negombo – A quick stop

Negombo is a cute little seaside town about 10 kms from the Sri Lankan International Airport. Perfect stop over after a long flight or before you depart the island and you want a last bit of sunshine and waves!

Step into Steptember

For those of you that haven’t heard, Steptember is a challenge to take 10,000 steps every day for 28 days and raise money for charity at the same time. Here is a list of some great walks that we've been posting about 🙂

To market, to market to buy a fab gift

Markets are the solution if you're looking for a quick adventure, and if you're a visitor to a region then a farmers' market or a craft market is a great way to get a locally produced souvenir. With Spring in the air, markets are starting to bloom again after winter recesses, so here are a couple to consider in Adelaide.

Reaching lofty heights at Mt Lofty

Mt Lofty in Adelaide is a must see for tourists and a regular exercise jaunt for locals. The view at the top is spectacular on a clear day allowing the eye to see over the beautiful city from Adelaide’s highest peak.

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon) was once upon a time known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". From beaches to tea plantation to safaris to UNESCO sites to ancient ruins (ok you can honestly not get all of those in any other country as tiny as Sri Lanka) it is truly the one stop place for any experience you can think of.

A Day Tripper’s Best Friend

The last thing a Trip Avenger wants to be doing, after a hard day trekking through nature or shopping or visiting cultural icons, is to start cooking. That's why a slow cooker is an adventure seeker's best friend.

Winter at the Prom

Wilsons Prom is a beautiful part of Victoria, it's the southern most point on mainland Victoria, with gorgeous white sand and clear turquoise beaches, great hikes, scenic drives, views as far as the eye can see and wildlife wondering around freely. To enjoy this without the summer crowds, head out in winter and have an adventure!

No bluffing, this is one heck of a walk

This October Walking SA celebrates #walktoberSA with a vision to encourage more people to be walking more often. A key event will be Trails Less Travelled on Sunday 15 October – guided and self-guided hiking up Adelaide's Mt Lofty from ten different directions, showcasing walking clubs and walking trails. To whet your appetite for walking, we... Continue Reading →

7 reasons to get up and atom!

Following on from our Winter Warmers post (which if you haven’t read, you should do so now), today’s post gives you 7 reasons why it’s good to get out of the house in winter. (We don’t give up do we?) So read on, rug up and reclaim the outdoors! Winter is nearly over so make... Continue Reading →

Loungin’ around – the best way to travel

There’s many reasons why I love having lounge access when I travel. The seats are way more comfortable, there’s food and drinks on offer and often added perks like being able to have a shower. All which make a long transit more bearable and getting you to your destination a little more refreshed. There are several ways to get airport lounge access and today I share five of them with you.

Yelverton Brook

For the quintessential Aussie bush experience (without camping) head out to Yelverton Brook. Yelverton Brook like many other eco accommodations, is a wildlife sanctuary to the local wildlife and the injured wildlife, so it really is an experience, not just a place to sleep at night!

Whales and Light Houses

Lighthouses provided a beacon for ships to navigate through treacherous oceans back in the day. These days most light houses aren't active, and are maintained for historical reasons and because they are usually on beautiful coastlines. Margaret River being on the West Coast of Western Australia is of course well placed to see some beautiful lighthouses. 

A Foodie Experience in Margaret River

If you are a food connoisseur, then there is so much to eat here (I mean "see" of course! 🙂 ). Visit the farmers markets, specialist food stores, wineries, restaurants and cafes and spoil yourself with some delicious insta friendly food.

Caving in Margaret River

There are many caves in Margaret River, but we chose Lake Cave, now you may ask why? Well to be honest, it wasn't due to any "caving" expertise, it just looked like the prettiest in the pictures and if you've been reading my posts, you know i'm picking places based on photographability! 🙂

Dolphins and Beaches

Busselton, Bunbury and Margaret River Mouth. Beautiful spots to sit on the sand, hypontised by the waves rhytmically lapping on the white sand, who can't spend hours watching this and relaxing?

Weekend Away in Margaret River

Margaret River is the perfect place for a few days to while away doing nothing and sitting in the sun and having a glass of wine, or for the active and adventurous, going for day trips, hiking, getting out and discovering some pretty cool things.

Rain, Rain – don’t go away!

Is the rainy weather keeping you indoors and driving you batty? Our post today will give you 7 ideas to keep you entertained no matter how much it pours outside and no matter how big, or small, your abode is.

West MacDonnell Ranges to Kings Canyon

West MacDonnell Ranges. This is an often missed tourist attraction and very much off the beaten path! There is so much to see here, from scenic gorges, to challenging walks with gorgeous views and weird and wonderful geographic formations.

Uluru to Alice Springs – The Drive ….

The drive to Alice Springs from Ulutu…what can I say, from Kata Tjuta, it’s a 495km, 6 hours and 5-minute drive (without stopping) along the Stuart Highway. We were absolutely dreading this, straight flat road, nothing to look at except red soil and maybe dead trees, and 6 long hours with potentially no radio. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? I know that I am now putting you off doing this, BUT with a little planning and research this drive can be pretty interesting!

Kata Tjuta – Ancient Rock Formations

The Valley of the Winds walk is a spectacular walk with amazing views. The geological formations that you see along this walk are unique and we should be thankful that we live in a country that aims to protect our unique icons for many generations to come.

Uluru – Heart of Australia

Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is an iconic to Australia! If you haven't heard about Uluru, well you are basically living under a rock (pun intended)! People come from across the globe to see the fascinating change in colors at sunrise and sunset.

Winter in the Red Centre

So, the fun of planning for a holiday began! This is one of my favorite parts of any holidays, the initial excitement of planning the “perfect” getaway with the hope that when you get there, that the research has paid off.

Yoga with a twist (moreso)

Seasoned yogis and novices flocked to the centre of Adelaide on Friday night for Yoga Silent Nights. Don’t know what that is? Neither did we until we saw the ad for a Friday night yoga session where the music and instructions are fed to the yogis through wireless headphones. Amongst the 200 odd attendees were... Continue Reading →

Melbourne Zoo

Winter is a great time to pay a visit to your closest zoo, animals are more active in the winter so your more likely to see them out and about instead of hiding in the back of the enclosures asleep!

The Waterfalls of Marysville

Winter is a great time to visit waterfalls, many a time have we walked a few km's in summer to get to an "amazing" waterfall, only to find that due to lack of rain, it is barely a trickle! It maybe colder in winter and harder to get out of the house, but once you get to the falls you will be met with something truly spectacular! 🙂

Kingbilli Country Estate

Kingbilli Country Estate is a farm stay accommodation in Taggerty, providing a breathtaking escape from reality and transports you to a beautiful and peaceful farm. As you drive through the gates of Kingbilli, you are transported to another time, a simpler time.

Weekend Away in Taggerty

A romantic weekend away represents something different for each couple! Taggerty is the perfect for a winter getaway. Taggerty is right next to Cathedral Range State Park, close to Marysville, Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Lake Mountain and Lake Eildon. There is something for everyone here!

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