7 Winter Warmer Ideas

Winter is a time for soups, blankets, heaters and copious hours in front of the television binge watching your favourite series or movies, right?


It’s cold, granted, but inactivity along with comforting (i.e. bad for you) foods will do nothing for your mind, body or spirit. Here are 7 tripavenging ideas to get you out and about in the cold whether its raining or not.

1. Gym sesh

With a whole heap of gyms being open 24 hours now there is no excuse not to hit the treadmills, weight machines or the bikes in their ‘off peak’ hours. If your alternative is a crappy Saturday night movie you’ve already seen five times then ditch it, get your gear on and hit out an hour at the gym. If you really don’t want to miss that movie, coordinate your timing so you can watch it on the screens while you run (or cycle). Win win.

2. Rug up and get moving

If it’s not raining, put on a jacket and go for a walk with some great scenery. Check out our article on the Alfred Nicolas Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges. Why spend a day indoors when you can be letting your mind relax and rejuvenating your body while breathing in the fresh, crisp air amongst this stunning scenery.

3. Massage

A guilty pleasure some might say, and indeed it is for me. But a massage can do wonders for a stressed out body and mind. Again, many ‘legitimate’ places are open late some nights (best to check ahead if you’re not sure what services they’re offering). Add some hot stones or warm oil to really relax the senses and let your mind drift away. Or for something different, join up for a couples massage class and learn some techniques with your partner.  These things do exist, in fact one coming up soon if you’re lucky enough to live in Adelaide and secure yourself a spot:


4. Galleries

A perfect excuse to appreciate some art – see our article on the Van Gogh exhibition in Melbourne. If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne, then check out this exhibition before it ends. Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists of all times and should be remembered for a lot more than cutting off his ear.

5. Pool

Or billiards (that by any other name sounds just as sweet, right?) Whatever you want to call it, why not grab a friend and find a free pool table at a local pool hall or the nearest pub. Coin operated tables usually only cost you a gold coin or two per game. And if you’re as bad at pool as I am, the game lasts for ages making it a cheap afternoon, or night, out.

Speaking of which, winter doesn’t need to be a time to give up swimming. If there is a heated pool near you then that is often the warmest place to be in winter. Granted it sucks getting changed into your swimmers in the cold weather but once you’ve jumped in, the cold is all but forgotten. No one ever felt worse getting out of a lap pool than when they went in. Even better if you can relax afterwards in a steam room or sauna.

6. Escape Rooms

If you haven’t read our article on Escape Room activities – here it is. Our verdict in that was 1 hour of fun not in the sun. We stick by that. By far one of the most fun ways to spend 1 hour in the chilly weather.

7. Winery trip

It might be cold getting into the car but from then on its an easy ride. Most capital cities in Australia are a maximum 2 hour drive from a winery. So stop reading this and get in the car. If you’ve got a friend who’s pregnant and can’t drink, brilliant – say hello to your designated driver and enjoy the warmth and fuzziness that a day of wine tasting will bring. Check out our article on wine cellars.

So there you have it – 7 easy ideas for getting out and about during the frostiness of winter.

Enjoy! (and if you do, we won’t even say we told you so :P)


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