Kingbilli Country Estate

Kingbilli Country Estate is a farm stay accommodation in Taggerty, providing a breathtaking escape from reality and transports you to a beautiful and peaceful farm. As you drive through the gates of Kingbilli, you are transported to another time, a simpler time. We were a little weary, as their website seemed to still be stuck in the 90s, but honestly, it is the perfect place for a getaway, for couples, for families, for a group of friends, to relax and recharge.

The farm is full of animals, from llamas, ponies, horses, ducks, and native animals and birds such as wombats, kangaroos, parakeets etc. The animals are friendly (although I did get get chased by one of the ponies which hubby found hilarious!) and a favourite with kids and adults. We were free to walk wherever we wished, provided we closed the gates to the various enclosures (so that the animals didn’t escape). We did a few of the hikes around the farm, and there are some amazing views.

We stayed in the one bedroom stone cottage, which was equipped with a full kitchen, outside BBQ, wood burning fire place (perfect for a winter escape), private gardens, creeks, bridges, gazebos and in-ground hot tub. The hot tub was our main reason for picking this beautiful place, and we were not disappointed. We spent our mornings and evenings in the hot tub, just relaxing and listening to the sounds of birds and flowing water, watching for the platypus that sometimes visits the creek next to the cottage.

Many hours can be spent at Kingbilli just enjoying the surroundings, or those that are interested can venture out into the world for a few hours before returning to the serenity that is Kingbilli.

Check out the perfect outings from Kingbilli:

Happy Trip Avenging!


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