The Waterfalls of Marysville

Marysville is nestled in the foothills of Melbourne, just ninety minutes from Melbourne. It is a destination for outdoor lovers. I personally love Marysville for the numerous stunning waterfalls that Marysville provides within short walk distances making it perfect for anyone. You can head out here as a day trip, or check out the ideas for a weekend getaway.

The most famous of these waterfalls is Steavenson Falls. Winter is a great time to visit waterfalls, many a time have we walked a few km’s in summer to get to an “amazing” waterfall, only to find that due to lack of rain, it is barely a trickle! It maybe colder in winter and harder to get out of the house, but once you get to the falls you will be met with something truly spectacular! 🙂

Steavenson Falls is an easy 700m walk from the car park. This gets you to the base of the falls. You can continue to walk to the top of the waterfalls which is approximately another 40 minutes of walking. This trail also then connects to the Keppel Walking Trail which is a much longer walking trail if you wish to continue.

When we got to the top of the falls, we spent a few minutes (which then extending to half an hour) just enjoying the quiet and watching the water flow through the rocks, it is hypnotising. The more adventurous walked along the rocks at the top of the falls, dipped their feet into the water and also filled their bottles. On a warmer day we definitely would of considered this!

The second waterfall that we visited on our trip was Keppel Falls on Lady Talbot Drive. It’s a 2 km return walk from the car park, takes about 40 minutes and definitely worth the effort to see the spectacular falls.


The third waterfall along Lady Talbot Drive, is Phantom Falls, but as it was downstream to Keppel Falls, we assumed it would be a smaller waterfall. The executive decision was made to return to our accommodation and enjoy our time in the hot tub. If you have a four wheel drive, you can continue driving along Lady Talbot Drive past Keppel Falls to reach the Taggerty Cascades.

Check out ideas for a weekend away in Marysville:


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