Cathedral Range State Park

I’ve lived in Melbourne for over 20 years, and have never heard of Cathedral Range State Park. When I first started planning our weekend to Taggerty, and found Kingbilli, I noticed that it was across from a National Park, and of course turned to TripAdvisor the source of all good travel information! TripAdvisor informed me that it was a well kept secret and a great place for a hike!

Cathedral Range State Park is a 2 hour drive from Melbourne (approximately 120km), very much doable as a day trip, but if you are up in Marysville/Taggerty for a weekend away, then it’s a much shorter half an hour drive and perfect as a full day or a half day side trip. If you love camping, then this is definitely an option at Cathedral Range State Park, but if it’s a school holiday period, you will need to book in advance.

Parks Victoria┬ásite tells us that its a “seven kilometre ridge of sharply upturned sedimentary rock”, in laymans terms it’s a great place for a challenging walk, and there are some pretty breathtaking views from the

There’s a couple of great walks. If your up for a challenge, start at Neds Gully, ┬áhead across the Ridge Track and come back down via the Jawbone Creek Trek. This is an entire day, and for tips check out trail hiking.

After chatting to other hikers in the park, we decided to do a shorter hike for equally beautiful views (hubby and I are all about minimum effort for maximum return!).

We parked at Jawbone Carpark, and took the Jawbone Creek Track to the North Jawbone Peak. This is a 1.5 hour walk, and is marked as “Medium” in difficulty, we thought it was a pretty tough walk, but the view definitely made the walk worthwhile! When we finally got to the top, we met a couple in their 50s/60s, who were saying it was going to be a tough walk down because of their knees. I hope when I’m 60, I have the energy to do a walk like this!

Take a minute or hour at the top, enjoy breathing in the pristine air, the wind whistling through your hair and enjoy the view whilst eating a well deserved picnic lunch!

For more ideas about things to do around Cathedral Range State Park check out:

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