Victoria Park – the Queen of all parks

You’d be forgiven if you’ve been reading our blog, seen the articles on Marysville and Cathedral Range State Park and thinking that the only way to get out into nature or find nice scenery for a walk is at least a 2 hour drive away.

You’d also be wrong.

Victoria Park is one of Adelaide’s best parks in our opinion. Located at the east edge of the city, in spring and summer its alive with events – horse racing, Clipsal and various cycling and running events not to mention runners, cyclists and dog walkers getting in their 10,000 steps. But Victoria Park should not be overlooked in the cooler months. The early bird catches the worm, as they say, and that was certainly the case when the Captain (today’s guest blogger) and I decided to fit in an early morning run (walk in my case) of the park. We crept out of the house just before dawn and, despite the chill, were certainly glad to be doing so when we were greeted by an amazing sunrise, crisp fresh air and nearly empty running tracks.

We weren’t alone in sharing in the delight of a sunrise over the park. A few runners and cyclists were out as was this happy fellow:

The park being enormous and dog friendly means that dogs can roam around with their owners in the grassiness of the ovals leaving the paths free for cyclists, runners and walkers to enjoy.

Want to add a bit extra into your workout? The park has workout stations dotted throughout and also a course if you want to add some hurdles, step ups or chin ups into your routine then everything is there for you to do so.

With views into the city and outwards to the hills, you can do several laps around the park before you take it all in.

It’s free, the air is fresh and the blood circulating in your body will make you feel like a completely new person.

Verdict: A recipe for success

Ingredients: you, a pair of sneakers and maybe a friend or two

Method: rug up and enjoy!


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