Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo, one of my favourite places in Melbourne. Winter is a great time to pay a visit to your closest zoo, animals are more active in the winter so your more likely to see them out and about instead of hiding in the back of the enclosures asleep!

You can get the tickets online or at the zoo, online means no queues of course! If you really love going to the zoo, or you have kids who love the zoo, then consider getting a zoo membership which gets you into Melbourne Zoo, Healsville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo, plus discounts on various other Zoo related experiences for a year. If there is a special occasion coming up, the animal experiences are great presents for your special someone!

Zoo tickets for kids under 15 is free during school holidays and weekends, with school holidays coming up, this makes it a great place to take the kids and save some money!

Melbourne Zoo hosts up to 320 animals. Some of my favourite places/enclosures at Melbourne Zoo are the Butterfly House (a nice warm place if you need to thaw out from the Melbourne cold), Orang-utans enclosure, Seals, the Meerkats, the Aviary, the Lions and Tigers. This sounds like the entire zoo, but there is so much to see here!!

Check out the timetable of daily talks. Having been to most of these at least once, I highly recommend the Seals, Orang-utans, Tigers and Lions. Ideally you can make it to all, but if you can’t, then pick your favorite animals, or try to get there just after the talk as the animals are still active. During the talks, the keepers generally feed the animals, so they are very active and almost play to the crowd. The tigers especially are amazing to watch. The seals do great tricks and are a favourite with the kids. The keepers also provide loads of information about the endangered status of animals, what the zoos are doing, and small things you can do to make a difference.

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With school holidays coming up this is a perfect day out to entertain the littlies and the biggies. Every time I have been there, I have seen the little kids fascinated by the butterflies and the birds, the teenagers putting away their phones to watch the tiger and lion keeper talks.

If you don’t have kids and have categorised the zoo as a “kid” thing, well you might be surprised after taking a visit with your friends and families. There is so much to learn from the very passionate keepers, and you may find yourself inspired to help the cause of saving this beautiful and in many cases critically endangered animals. At the very least you will be supporting the zoos who do a great job of educating the public and provide a fun day out.

If you love photography, well with a good zoom lens, you can get some amazing shots!

Happy Trip Avenging!



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