Yoga with a twist (moreso)

Seasoned yogis and novices flocked to the centre of Adelaide on Friday night for Yoga Silent Nights. Don’t know what that is? Neither did we until we saw the ad for a Friday night yoga session where the music and instructions are fed to the yogis through wireless headphones. Amongst the 200 odd attendees were the Captain and I with our rolled up yoga mats under one arm and clutching our tickets ($40pp) in hand.

We arrived about fifteen minutes after the 6pm registration time. Already the hall was full and we squeezed ourselves into a spot towards the back of the room next to the giant paella dish. The class didn’t start for another hour which gave us plenty of time to look around and get ourselves one of the free chocolate flavoured cashew milk drinks on offer and protein balls, both of which were pretty tasty.

By now, judging by the vibe, people were ready to start the class. Before that could happen, one of the hosts at the front threw a few tennis balls into the crowd. If you caught a ball you won a prize. All good if you were sitting in one of the first ten rows. From the audible grumblings around me, there were a lot of people completely unimpressed with the host’s inability to throw further than five metres. I’m assuming they were so weak because they were vegan and in need of some serious protein and iron.*

*I have nothing against vegans. Being vegetarian myself I admire their commitment to go that step further than I have in saving the planet.

The class itself was suitable for all ages and abilities. There were a few instructions like ‘hug your heart’ and ‘melt’ and at the end of the hour and a half session I still didn’t really know how to do either of those things. It was pretty cool watching everyone move in synchro and when I slipped my headphones off a couple of times, it looked groovily weird watching it all happen in silence.

By the time savasana rolled around the smell of vegetarian paella was firmly in the air and we enjoyed a serving after the class along with a bottle of ‘activated charcoal water’. I still don’t know what ‘activated charcoal’ is but a nurse sitting next to me told me its used in hospitals to treat narcotics patients. I’m glad it has medicinal purposes because I was not a fan of the taste (one sip of the Captain’s drink was more than enough for me) and willingly handed over my untouched bottle. I figure its good karma if somewhere out there some narcotics patient is being treated with it.


Verdict: an enjoyable twist on traditional yoga.


#missusthemark           #thecaptain

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