Kings Canyon – Glamping and Hiking

After a long drive on the Red Centre Way, we finally reached our glamping accommodation at Kings Creek Station. This was the first time we had been glamping. If you have never been glamping, or have gone camping and found it too “rough”, well you need to try this! The fixed canvas tents are heated and have en-suite bathrooms and are really very glam! We were happy to come “home” to such a beautiful place after such a long day. Star gazing is a must with no light pollution and clear skies, and your own private fire to toast marshmallows on. I wish we had gotten here earlier to have the full experience that Kings Creek Station provides!

Kings Canyon is part of the Watarrka National Park, and is almost as famous as Uluru. It’s only a 3 hour drive from Uluru, and there are quite a few day trip tours from Uluru if you are lacking time to do a loop like we did.


There are three walks at Kings Canyon, a 2km return Kings Creek Walk which traces the bottom of the gorge, a 6km loop Kings Canyon Rim Walk and finally a 22km Giles Track connecting Kings Canyon to Kathleen Springs. Having had a theme of doing all the hard walks with spectacular views, why give up now? So we took the challenge and decided to go with the Rim Walk.

If you are coming down to Kings Canyon on a hot day, just remember that you need to start the walk early as after a certain time they close the walk off. With beautiful clear skies and the sun shining, it’s an awesome walk to do in the morning. If you are really enthusiastic, you can try to catch the sunrise from the top of Kings Canyon (needless to say we slept in!).

The Kings Canyon Rim Walk starts with a very steep climb to reach the top of the canyon, after this it’s a mostly cruisey walk. So the initial steep part is a killer, but we saw numerous parents with their babies strapped onto them climbing up really fast along this steep section. There were also numerous people in their late middle ages taking it a bit slower, but needless to say still giving it a real go at getting to the top. So give it a go! There are lots of places to stop along the walk and even if you only go halfway up the steep part, you can always come down if you think it’s too hard 🙂

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Some notable icons along the way are the domes of the ‘Lost City’ and the ‘Garden of Eden’.

We really didn’t know what to expect with our visit to Kings Canyon, we had been to the Grand Canyon and it had been awe inspiring and as the name suggests “Grand”! Would Kings Canyon meet up to our standards? Well I can say that Kings Canyon is absolutely stunning and the geographical formations that you see here, like everywhere else along this road trip are out of this world. This is an attraction not to be missed! It is amazing what nature has carved all by herself, and we are lucky to have this in our backyard!

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