‘An ice’ day out at WinterFest

Winter Wonderlands have hit Adelaide. More specifically it has hit Port Adelaide and Glenelg. The Captain and I took a visit down to Port Adelaide to see what was on offer. We were greeted with an ice skating rink, food trucks and indoor craft markets housed inside the beautiful Hart Mill building.

The skating was by far the most popular activity for kids and big kids. Sessions are on the hour (45 min slot + 15 mins to get on and off the ice) at a cost of $14 for adults and less for kids. There is a happy hour pricing around 5-7pm. The fee includes skate hire.

The ice rink is sizeable but not huge. Once we were suited up with our skates on it was more like playing a game of ‘dodgem kids’ rather than skating. We quickly spotted the kids who were taking major falls (and usually a few other people along with them) and skated around them.

Being lunchtime, we then headed to the food trucks. I tried the pizza (delicious) and the Captain enjoyed a hot dog which also judged as quite tasty. We then headed indoors where traditional winter drinks like egg nog, mulled wine and even mulled cider were on offer.

There were also other activities for the kids if they’re not into skating. ‘Decorate your own gingerbread’ sessions were booking out fast (we didn’t book in as a) we aren’t kids and b) we were only interested in eating the gingerbread). There was also cocktail making session for the adults which we passed up in favour of egg noggy (with rum – yum!) goodness.

Verdict: puts the ‘ice-ing’ on the cake for an afternoon out 🙂




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