Rain, Rain – don’t go away!

Is the rainy weather keeping you indoors and driving you batty? Our post today will give you 7 ideas to keep you entertained no matter how much it pours outside and no matter how big, or small, your abode is.

1. Odd jobs

Use the rain to score brownie points by doing the jobs you never get around to because there’s never enough time, right? Finishing off that DIY project you started months ago, fixing that shelf or broken item, hanging up that picture, arranging your DVD shelf in alphabetical order (yes I did do this much to The Captain’s displeasure one day but how else are you supposed to find the movie you’re looking for?).

2. Be a little crafty

If you’ve got kids, set them up with a box of scrap bits of paper and cardboard (newspaper is always good too), some crayons, glue and maybe a bit of glitter (if you dare) and let their imaginations run wild. If they’re a bit older maybe set them a challenge of creating their own story book. When they’re done, read them out aloud to each other over a mug of hot chocolate and a muffin (yum!)

3. Shake ‘n’ bake

Speaking of muffins, having a kitchen baking day is another family friendly activity. IMG_20170408_185031.jpg

Kids love being involved and doing “grown up” things, make some cupcakes and get them to decorate it, or a favourite dish for dinner to enjoy together. Or if you’re single and kid-free, it’s the perfect time to make that amazing dish that you’ve seen on MasterChef, or been eyeing on the web or cookbook! Alternatively, be practical and batch cook for the upcoming week, planning for those evenings after work when you want to just flake on the couch. Put your groove into it by putting some fave tunes on while you’re at it.

 4. Bored games?

No they are not! Board games are back in trend and are a great way to spend a few rainy hours. Monopolise over Monopoly or pursue the truth in Trivial Pursuit. If those games aren’t for you, Scrabble is fun (and educational) and of course there are lots of other exotic games on the market for all ages! If you’re hanging solo, break out a jigsaw puzzle and a large cup of coffee or tea and get cracking.

 5. Poke some fun at each other

If you don’t have any board games lying around the house, surely you have a pack of cards. Who doesn’t? Invite some friends over (so you don’t have to leave your house in the rain – cheeky, hey?) and play a round or two of poker.

6. A man’s home is his fort

Strictly speaking the phrase is ‘a man’s home is his castle’ but why not throw some blankets over chairs and tables in the living room and turn it into a fort? Kids can play all sorts of pretend games in a fort. And if its only big kids around, curl up under a doona watch a good DVD or even better…

7. Read a book!


My ultimate favourite thing in the whole world – I would read all day every day if I could. It doesn’t have to be a solitary affair though. Kids love being read to and you can snuggle up under a doona on the couch and take turns reading to each other. Or if you’re like me, take the opportunity to enjoy the solitude, tune out all other distractions and get lost in the world of wherever your novel is going to take you.

Verdict: Rain, rain – come again another day!


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