Weekend Away in Margaret River

So you’ve read about all our things to do during winter and get you out of the house, but it’s still too cold (it 4 degrees C outside, and I have the heater running at 21 degrees!!). A few years ago, on another very similar day, while we were hibernating curled up under a blanket, dreaming of sunshine and warmth, we planned our spring getaway to WA over Melbourne Cup weekend.


Pretty much every state in Australia has one or more wine regions, and they all claim it’s the best, SA has McLaren Vale, Clare and Barossa Valley, Victoria has Yarra Valley, NSW has Hunter Valley, Tassie has Huon Valley and WA has Margaret River (keep an eye out for our future posts on all these regions). Being non wine drinkers, we know nothing about wine.

You’re probably thinking, “why are you going to Margaret River if you don’t drink wine??” A valid question! Because wine regions have amazing food, have so many other attractions around them that never get attention, and are a really great base to go exploring and doing things off the beaten path without the normal crowd. Having dinner in an unassuming local restaurant/pub, that has top class food and chatting to the locals who are really lovely and will tell you everything you want to know about the history of the area and the must sees in town. It is a getaway that is active but without losing the relaxation factor.

Margaret River is the perfect place for a few days to while away doing nothing and sitting in the sun and having a glass of wine, or for the active and adventurous, going for day trips, hiking, getting out and discovering some pretty cool things.



If you live in Melbourne, then Melbourne Cup Weekend is the perfect time to get out of Melbourne, it’s a nice 4 day break, since everyone is getting into Melbourne, flights out of Melbourne to for example Perth are well priced! So we planned our trip, curled up under the blankets and our wish list came together

Keep a lookout for these posts 🙂 Hope you enjoy them and give you some great ideas for visiting Margaret River, and inspire you the next time you go to a wine region to look beyond the wineries and see what else is out there!

Happy Trip Avenging!



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