Dolphins and Beaches

Busselton Jetty

As we started our drive from Perth towards Margaret River, we knew we wanted to stop by Busselton, a beach side town on the West Coast of WA. It’s quite a drive from Perth, and really everyone needs food right? Well I do, or I get pretty hangry (hungry angry)! The Busselton Jetty is also widely photographed, so what hobbyist photographer wouldn’t be up for the challenge of replicating or trying to find a unique angle? And of course beaches are so peaceful, it’s hypontising sitting on the sand and watching the waves rhythmically lapping at the sand, I can spend hours watching this!

Busselton is well known for it’s jetty which is the main attraction. The jetty is 1.8km long, and it has a little train that you can take along the jetty (a great idea if you have little ones along) and an underwater observatory (basically a glass box under water so you can look at all the cool marine life).  We had a nice walk down the jetty, enjoyed the sunshine, had a quick swim and of course had lunch! If you have the time, definitely check out the cool experiences that you can book in for on the Busselton Jetty website. 

Margaret River Mouth


Margaret River as the name suggests is in fact a river! If you follow the river along you get to the Margaret River Mouth, which is where the river meets the Indian Ocean. It’s a great surf spot, but it’s also a spectacularly beautiful beach, I mean just look at the colour of the ocean in the picture! We took one of the coastal walks, and had a really lovely time with a picnic lunch. I would highly recommend a trip out here to walk along the white sand with the turquoise ocean lapping at your feet!

Bunbury and Dolphins

When we planned this trip, we had lots of things on our wishlist, swimming with the dolphins at Bunbury was one of them. Unfortunately we ran out of time to hit this attraction and we were very disappointed! Since we didn’t do this, and didn’t make it to Bunbury, check out their website and if you get a chance to visit it, drop us a line and let us know how it went! 🙂

Keep an eye out for our other posts on the Margaret River region!

Happy Trip Avenging!


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