Caving in Margaret River

Limestone caves are not the first thing you think of when you think of Margaret River, but Margaret River has some of the most unique and spectacular caves in Australia. There are quite a few caving options, and you can check them all out here.

We chose the Lake Cave, now you may ask why? Well to be honest, it wasn’t due to any “caving” expertise, it just looked like the prettiest in the pictures and if you’ve been reading my posts, you know i’m picking places based on photographability! 🙂 Lake Cave has it’s own lake (hence the name), and it has truly spectacular crystal decorations that “drip” from the ceiling and is reflected in the lake. Imagine the photography! Now I stupidly did not take my tripod, so remember to take yours if you are an avid photographer. Lake Cave is about a 20 min drive from the Margaret River township. Tours are the only way to enter the cave, check out their website for tour times and prices.

Once you enter via the Information and Ticketing Center, you walk into this unexpected forest with boardwalks that take you to the “floor” of the forest, which is where you enter the cave from. This formation is called a “doline” which basically means a hole in the earth. How cool is that? Seriously for anyone into weird and wonderful geographical formations or science in general, this place is really cool! The tour guides provide a wealth of information around how these caves formed and the discovery of the caves. We were early for the tour, and glad for it, because we got to explore the forest, look up at the towering kaari trees from the base and just be amazed at natures creativity. I would strongly suggest that you put aside some time either before or after the tour to explore the area.


The tour itself is well worth it! The tour guide is informative, I’ve been to a few caves, because they are always interesting to have a look at and so breathtaking and this is my favorite, because of the reflecting lake and the variety of crystal formations. With a little imagination, you could see a dragon in the cave! This is definitely a kid friendly attraction, there were lots of kids, most of the pathways through the cave were not too narrow, or too low, and the kids loved the crystal dragon.

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Happy Exploring and Trip Avenging!



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