Summer bodies are made in winter

A class instructor once said “summer bodies are made in winter”, (well it was more like she yelled it at us after about our 200th squat – well it felt like it) and every time I start to get lazy now in winter I remind myself of this and get to the gym.

With spring just around the corner if you’ve been hibernating like a bear (we don’t know how since we’ve given you some great tips for getting out and about but anyway…) here are some ideas to keep you fit AND have fun in winter.

  1. Dance classes

Dancing is one of the best ways to get fit, have fun and meet new people. I know because I signed up to several classes after moving to a new city where I knew no one – and had a blast and made heaps of new friends.

Have two left feet? Don’t worry. Everyone else is there to have fun and no one cares. My favourite is Third Foot – – swing style dancing which is tons of fun, the moves can be broken out to pretty much any music and is easy to learn. (Trust me when I say if I can do it, you can too). They operate in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Wellington, NZ. With an offer* of trying your first three classes for free you have nothing to lose.

*current as at the time of writing

  1. Skiing anyone?

Why not use the cold as an excuse to get a bunch of mates together and hit the slopes? It counts as an overseas trip if you go to New Zealand. Finish a hard day on the slopes with a mug of hot chocolate, or mulled wine, infront of the fire and share stories of your escapades on the trails. 

  1. Exercise DVDs

Gone are the days of leotards and Aerobics Oz style (although I do think I’ve got one lying around the house if anyone wants its) – fitness DVDs are a great way to get fit indoors. Get home after work, pop your dinner in the oven and while that timer ticks away find a workout that suits you. Youtube channels are also a great idea. I’m currently loving Fightmaster Yoga – – which has a huge variety of workouts to target specific body parts and time lengths. Ten minutes of stretching has never felt so good!

  1. Lunchtime workouts

Ok so we know its hard working out at the end of the day – its cold and dark when you get up and the same when you get home, right? But what about lunchtime? I’m guilty of lunching at my desk while checking emails or returning phone calls but I’ve started forcing myself away from my desk at least three days a week and going for a walk. That brisk 20 minute walk does wonders for getting the blood circulating and a little dash of sun when it’s out.

  1. Desk workouts

If you are seriously a slave to your computer and can’t get away at lunchtime then try to snatch some quick breaks during the day. Have 2 minutes? – do twenty push ups against the wall or a desk. Waiting for the kettle to boil for your morning cup of tea? – how about some lunges or squats while you wait. Set a reminder to get up from your desk every hour and take 1 minute to stretch or do something. Surely you can find 1 minute in the hour.


So what (or who) is stopping you?





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