Yelverton Brook

Being such avid readers of this blog 🙂 you are now probably well informed about what to do in Margaret River and can’t wait to book your flights and accommodation. Well where is the best place to stay?

For the quintessential Aussie bush experience (without camping), well Yelverton Brook is your place. So I have nothing to compare this retreat to anything else in Margaret River, as this was our first trip. But we LOVED this place. Yelverton Brook … is a beautiful eco accommodation in Margaret River. At this point hubby had a definite preference for accommodation with hot tubs, so of course I started seeing if I could find such places whenever we went away, and I came across Yelverton Brook in Margaret River.

Yelverton Brook like many other eco accommodations, is a wildlife sanctuary to the local wildlife and the injured wildlife, so it really is an experience, not just a place to sleep at night! Not only are you only getting a great place to stay, but you get to see the inquisitive wildlife coming to meet you while you have breakfast and/or dinner. They aren’t shy, and are soooooo adorable, and they come right up to you!

The chalets are set up perfectly to invite even the shyest visitor, with bird baths to attract the birds and verandas which the ringtail possums love to play along at night. Now if that doesn’t get you friendly visitors, the accommodation also came with a bag of kangaroo feed to attract kangaroos and wallabies (at least when we went, this may now have changed). We stayed for 3 nights, and every day as soon as we woke up, we would have a look to see who our visitor was for the day.

Every time I’ve worked overseas, the first thing my colleagues ask is “do you have kangaroos hopping around” and I would always look a little astonished and then point out that the kangaroos live in the wild, not in my backyard! But at Yelverton Brook, they are a few hours out of Perth, but the wallabies/kangaroos/wombats/possums etc are in your backyard …. The cottages all come with a full kitchen, BBQ, an outdoor hot tub (and of course comfy couches and beds). Now the hot tub … after a long day of hiking and seeing the sites, it really is a great way to relax under the stars!

Being in Margaret River, we did plan to go to a fancy restaurant at least on one night, but …. the hot tub beckoned to us, so we decided to hit the IGA and the local butcher and delis for some gourmet food to chuck on the BBQ/oven. I have to say, the IGA had some amazing local produce! This is a great idea to save some money, but still have a special dinner, with a full kitchen  your options are limitless! Read up on great places to get fresh produce in Margaret River here.


So we spent our evenings sitting in the hot tub, watching the stars twinkling in the sky, listening to night time sounds of possums scurrying around the rafters, and the aroma of meat cooking on the barbie wafting towards us. This really is the dream! If we could work from here for a few months we honestly would!

Look out for the posts on things to do in Margaret Valley now that you have the perfect place to stay 🙂

Happy Trip Avenging!


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