7 reasons to get up and atom!

Following on from our Winter Warmers post (which if you haven’t read, you should do so now), today’s post gives you 7 reasons why it’s good to get out of the house in winter. (We don’t give up do we?) So read on, rug up and reclaim the outdoors! Winter is nearly over so make the most of it before you start complaining about how hot summer is.

1. Nature increases brain function

Not only should we thank the trees, and flora in general, for providing us with oxygen but strolling around in nature boosts your creative thinking and gets the blood pumping. This re-energises your body and mind in a way that coffee can’t compete with (even if it is from your favourite barista). Don’t believe us? Try it. And you’ll thank us when you’ve come up with your million dollar business idea. (And we’ll thank you when you send us 10% of the profits for encouraging you to get out 😛

I’m feeling smarter already!

2. It’s good for dem bones

It can be hard to get your required Vitamin D intake from food sources alone. The easiest way to boost your levels is from the sun. Okay so there’s not a lot of that in winter but there’s none indoors. So if the sun is shining get out there for half an hour and your rickets-free body will thank you in the years to come.

3. You’ll find exercising easier

Have you ever tried standing in the cold? It’s freezing right. You just wrap your arms around you and shiver. Its warmer when you walk. Or run.

4. TV is boring

The last time I turned on the television on a weekend it was full of reality show re-runs and C-grade sports. Ugh. Just the thought alone is so boring I think I’ll go outside right now. If that’s not enough to convince you, no one on their deathbed ever said they wished they spent more time in the office or watching television.*


Hmmm, okay. You can stay inside and watch me
Out! Get out I say!







*we may allow you a small exception for a good movie on a rainy day. Like the Batman series starring Christian Bale – they’re brilliant.**

** the exception does not apply to the Michael Keaton or George Clooney versions – they were rubbish.

5. Say goodbye to the lonely heart 

Single? Well if you think it’s hard to find a companion in winter, it’s even harder if you don’t go out. Few people find their life partner sitting on their couch. Unless that person is your flatmate and you’re attracted to them. In which case, we hope it works out for you. If not, you’ll be looking for a new partner and a place to live.

6. You are not a bear

So don’t spend winter hibernating! Meet up with a friend. Gasbag about old times over a coffee (and a danish – yum!) or dream of the future while enjoying a hot and spicy laksa.

Hot chocolates are also good

7. Just do it

Sure it’s cold, but it’s not like you’re living in Scandinavia where it’s totally freezing. (Although if you are reading this from Scandinavia, message us on our blog – we’d love to know if our readership is extending that far).

So stop being soft, and in the words of Nike – Just do it.***

*** Nike is not a sponsor of this post nor are TripAvengers affiliated with Nike in any way. They just have a good slogan which fitted in with this post.

Happy Trip Avenging!


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