Winter at the Prom

With our fourth wedding anniversary fast approaching (time really flies!), and as we aren’t going away this year, I started reminiscing about our first anniversary weekend away to Wilsons Prom. For readers outside of Victoria, “The Prom” refers to Wilsons Promontory National Park. Generally, winter is not the greatest time to go for a weekend at The Prom; Melbourne weather being truly unpredictable, it’s pot luck whether it’s going to be a gorgeous spring weekend, or a cold wintery weekend with chilling winds in mid-August. We took a gamble and luckily for us we won out!


Wilsons Prom is a beautiful part of Victoria. It’s the southern most point on mainland Victoria, with gorgeous white sand and clear turquoise water beaches, great hikes, scenic drives, views as far as the eye can see and wildlife wandering around freely. And if your a camping fan, well it’s so popular in summer that there is a ballot system to get a site. In winter, it’s great because those gorgeous beaches aren’t packed full of people, you have the hikes to yourself, the shy critters are out and about. With some good winter jackets the cold is easily managed.

So what are the best places to hit in Wilsons Prom?

A quick stop for a snack

For us, the drive out to Wilsons Prom is quite a hike, so naturally we were on the lookout for a cute cafe for a snack on the way. We came across Caldermeade Farm & Cafe. This is a great stop for a milkshake or a lunch, we personally chose the milkshake!

Squeaky Beach

As the name suggests, at Squeaky Beach, the sand “squeaks” as you walk on it. Now normally, this beach is packed, but we had the beach all to ourselves to walk around and enjoy the view. I admit that it was cold, but the cold was worth it to have the beach all to ourselves!


If you’re camping at Tidal River, you can walk from Tidal River to Squeaky Beach (6.35km) in under two hours.

Whisky Bay

Whisky Bay unlike Squeaky Beach is not where you drink Whisky 🙂 We walked from Whisky Bay to Picnic Point and had a great time here, even spotting some cheeky little wombats in the sand dunes! This was a real treat as hubby had never seen a wombat in the wild.


Mt Oberon Summit

The Mt Oberon Summit Walk provides stunning views of the beaches. Even in winter the car park for this walk was full! So make this your first stop in Wilsons Prom National Park so that you don’t miss out. It’s only a 3.4 km walk, however quite a steep one. This is on our bucket list for our next trip out here.

Agnes Falls

Now Agnes Falls is technically not in Wilsons Promontory National Park, but it’s still in Prom Country. At 59 metres this is the highest single-span fall in Victoria, and in winter it’s generally gushing strongly! We had a lovely drive out to Agnes falls through picturesque rolling green hills. As an obsessive waterfall visitor, I thought these waterfalls were beautiful and definitely worth the side-trip out.


Where to stay?

There are numerous places to stay in Wilsons Prom, from glamping (glamerous camping), to traditional camping to B&B and holiday home rental. We picked Abington Briars Cottage on recommendation from some friends. This was the first place we’ve stayed that has an outdoor hot tub, and led to our love for such accommodation. The cottage features views out to the farmlands surrounding it, an undercover hot tub, fire place for cuddling up on a wintry night with a loved one or a book (whatever takes your fancy), and a full kitchen for cooking a great dinner and staying indoors.


We hope you head out to Wilsons Prom and enjoy the beautiful National Park and the surroundings. Let us know what you like best about The Prom!

Happy Trip Avenging






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