Reaching lofty heights at Mt Lofty

Adelaide’s Mt Lofty is a must see for tourists and a regular exercise jaunt for locals. The view at the top is spectacular on a clear day allowing the eye to see over the beautiful city from Adelaide’s highest peak.

There are a few ways to get there. Driving up the sealed road is by far the easiest. There are bike trails aplenty. Or you could take the Waterfall Gully walk. With #walktoberSA coming up, today we are reviewing the walk.

If I was asked to describe the walk, having done it a few times, I would say it’s hard (censoring expletives), long, rewarding and makes me question my sanity every time I do it.

Instead I’ve consulted the good folks at walkingSA for fun (and accurate) facts about the walk:

  • it’s 3.9km
  • takes approximately 1.5 to 3 hours return (longer if you stop at the top for a coffee and less if you run it – and yes, there are really fit and/or mad enthusiasts who do this)
  • it’s a grade 4, steep, hard hike (justifying my aforementioned censored expletives)

The rewards outweigh the downsides though. There are beautiful waterfalls in the wetter months, wildlife to spot and of course the fresh crisp air and peacefulness that comes with being out in nature. Naturally, the peacefulness assumes you’re not on one of the really steep parts going upwards.

Parking on a weekend can be difficult as spaces are limited and the walk is popular. Definitely recommend doing the walk with a few friends and carpooling to get there. With cafes at both ends, it provides an enjoyable opportunity to stop and gasbag.

There are a few other walking path options apart from the main one – some shorter or longer and not quite as steep. Challenge yourself and try a different one each time.

Verdict – a fun (and fit) way to catch up with friends.



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