Step into Steptember

September (and Spring – yay!) is just around the corner. For those of you who haven’t heard, Steptember is a challenge to take 10,000 steps every day for 28 days and raise money for charity at the same time. For more information check out –

Walking is a favourite way for TripAvengers to see things and get fit. Today we take you through some great walks and activities to up those steps.

  1. Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

One of our favourite places in Victoria. Why? Well with gorgeous water views, challenging hikes and wildlife abundant, why would it not be? Check out our article on the Prom here.

  1. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

A super popular spot just north of Adelaide (well 400ish kilometres but what’s a few hundred kilometres between friends?) Check out our article on the Rawnsley Bluff Hike. Walking SA describes it as ‘challenging with steep terrain’ – so…. what’s stopping you?

  1. Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

There are lots of opportunities to walk in the Red Centre but we love Kings Canyon. It’s hard, rewarding and a lot of fun. We cover three walks here.

  1. Marysville, Victoria

We love Marysville for the abundance of short walks and beautiful waterfalls. Read all about it here.

  1. Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Victoria

Another Victorian gem only a stone’s throw from the city centre of Melbourne. If you don’t believe how picturesque it is, see our stunning photos here.

  1. Your local park

Don’t forget to look at your own backyard. There are lots of beautiful parks, gardens and trails in almost every Australian city (yes, we really are the lucky country. My personal fave is Victoria Park (the Queen of all Parks)).


Over the month of Steptember we’ll be covering more ways to get your steps up.


Verdict: Step up, folks!



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