It’s Showtime!

The Royal Adelaide Show is on again at the Wayville Showgrounds. If you have children, or are married to a big kid like I am, it means an annual visit filled with fun, sugar, laughter and interesting sights.

Here are 7 tips to help you make your most of your day at the show.

  1. It pays to be pre-paid

Purchasing your tickets online in advance will save you both money and time without having to queue at the showgrounds. RAA members also get a great discount offer for family tickets.

  1. Hydrate

With all the sugary products on offer, it’s a recipe for a hyperactive child (or big kid) – and who can blame them with all that deliciousness around? Take water bottles to help stay hydrated. For $2 you can store all your stuff in a locker which means you don’t have to lug things around.

  1. Something for everyone

The show really does have something for everyone. Rides, animals that you can pet, dog shows (we love the dog performances) and those side show alley games where you can try to overcome the odds to win giant stuffed toys. On top of that there is art and photo displays (another favourite of ours) as well as rows and rows of crafts and delicious looking cakes (which we are always disappointed that we can’t eat) and plenty of produce to sample, (which we are always delighted that we can eat).

  1. Plan ahead

If there is a particular show (or shows) you want to see, plan around them. Our favourite is the wood chopping 🙂 There are maps at the information booths which you can grab for free to help you plan your day.

  1. A show for all seasons

The weather this week has not been kind. Make sure to pack a brolly or a waterproof jacket. If it does rain, don’t despair: your day won’t be ruined. There are plenty of things to do indoors if it’s wet outside.

  1. Showbags

Who doesn’t love a showbag? Working out what showbags you want ahead of time will make navigating the huge hall a lot easier. It will also save money (and tears) if you set a budget for each family member so they know exactly what they can and can’t get. In some years some of the very popular showbags have sold out. So if, unlike the Frozen theme you can’t ‘let it go’, then it might be a good idea to choose a back up show bag if your favourite one is no longer there.

  1. Have fun!

Follow steps 1-6 above and enjoy your day!



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