Negombo – A quick stop

Negombo is a cute little seaside town about 10 kms from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka. It’s the perfect stopover when you arrive late night in Sri Lanka and just want to head straight to a beach, or a nice relaxing stop just before you depart the island.

On our last trip, we had an 8 hour drive from my hubby’s home town, and with hubby hoping for a shower before we hopped on the plane, I decided to find somewhere other than Colombo to spend our last few hours in Sri Lanka (also being an enthusiastic traveller, I am always looking for new places to visit!).

Negombo has been occupied by the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British, and with a constant stream of tourists, the food here is both delicious and cosmopolitan, and any taste can be satisfied. We tried some delicious Sri Lankan Chinese food, and I intentionally say Sri Lankan Chinese food because there is a community of Chinese locals in Sri Lanka, and traditional Chinese food and Sri Lankan food has basically fused to create a unique cuisine that is pretty amazing! Along the main strip of restaurants, there are quite a few souvenir shops, and I have to say I was very impressed with the uniqueness, variety and quality of the souvenirs, so if you have forgotten to buy something, never fear, you can still get some great gifts.


We spent our afternoon at the beach, eating some freshly cooked snacks, taking a walk along the beach and watching the sunset while the local fisherman wrapped up their day by bringing in their boats. As this was the end of our trip we just wanted to relax, but if you are just beginning your trip and you want something adventurous, you can hire speed boats or fishing boats from the locals. There are also dive sites that you can get to. I would not suggest this latter option unless you are an experienced diver or do your research before hand to find a reputable provider as Sri Lanka is not necessarily known (as most other Third World countries) for being particularly careful about OH&S 🙂


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Happy Trip Avenging!


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