8 unique Australian escapes

Heading overseas for every holiday because you’ve think you’ve done everything on our shores? Today we take you through 8 unique Australian holidays – you haven’t experienced Australia until you’ve ticked these off your list. There’s one for each state and territory so you don’t have to go far wherever you are.

1. South Australia – Great whites at Port Lincoln 

The Great White beauty that cruised past our cage, estimated to be 4.5m in length.
The Great White beauty that cruised past our cage, estimated to be 4.5m in length.

Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia to get up close and personal with Great White Sharks by cage diving. A short flight from Adelaide will get you there in a jiffy and a few companies can take you out on their boats for a dive. Our own #starkravingmad has done the deed. So as not to spoil the surprise, read his post on the experience here.

2. Western Australia – Hump along at Cable Beach

You’ve ridden a bicycle, and maybe a scooter or a horse at some point in your life? What about humping along on a camel? Cable Beach in Broome (in WA’s Kimberley region) is an experience to remember. It’s kid friendly, bum friendly (you get saddle seats to sit in) and with options for sunrise, pre-sunset or sunset rides, it offers magnificent views for whichever time of the day you go. Some great providers of camel rides are as follows:

3. Queensland – Howe’s it going Lord Howe Island?

Lord Howe Island
Mt Eliza/North Head looking South East towards Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower.
Image Reference: https://www.lordhoweisland.info/

World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island is a tiny island just off Port Macquarie in the Tasman Sea. There are limited flights to get there and with only 400 visitors allowed at any one time (there are only 300 permanent residents on the whole island) you have to plan ahead. It’s a short two hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane and if you like hiking, snorkeling and natural beauty – this is the place for you.

4. Northern Territory – Catching up with crocodiles in Darwin


You don’t have to go far to see a crocodile in Darwin. But if you want to come face to face with one in the ‘cage of death’ head over to Crocosaurus Cove where you can spend 15 minutes in the enclosure with a 5m+ saltwater crocodile. Not one for the faint-hearted (which counts me out)!

5. Australian Capital Territory

Sick of being told Canberra is great because of Floriade? Floriade is pretty but there is a lot more to Canberra than just all those flowers. (For those of you that don’t know what Floriade is, it’s essentially a big flower festival – read all about it here).

Next time you’re in the A C of T, try hopping on a hot air balloon. Like our tip for heliflights in Sydney, it is a touch on the dear side but our motto is money is better spent on memories than things.

Canberra actually looks spectacular from way up in the air at sunrise. Be prepared to wake up early (before the sun is up) and get to the hotel departure point and get involved. The flight experience includes getting the balloon laid out for inflation (many hands makes light work). Once up in the air, the flight lasts between 45-60 minutes and concludes with a glass of champagne back at the hotel where you departed from. We chose to have the buffet breakfast at the Hyatt following our flight – it was delicious and all over a fantastic way to start the day. These are two great providers of the hot air ballooning in Canberra:

6. New South Wales – the Bridge, several ways to look at it

View of Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Sydney Zoo

Sydney Harbour Bridge – boring? It depends on which way you look at it. View it from the Botanic Gardens, Milsons Point or the Rocks. Maybe walk, drive or catch the train over it. There’s even options to climb it which make for a fun (and tiring) activity with spectacular views at sunrise and sunset.

Another fun option is a helicopter flight. There are a few companies in Sydney doing heliflights. They are a bit expensive ($200ish per person for about a 20-40 minute flight depending on which group you go with). We chose one that departed from Sydney airport but there were other companies departing from other points that may be more convenient depending on where you are staying.

7. Tasmania

Another one for the nature lovers and adventure seekers amongst us. Satellite Island, in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel in the south of Tasmania near the aptly named Adventure Bay. It boasts sheer sea cliffs, clear water, stunning views, several walks and wild, fresh seafood to be caught. Its not been accessible to the public before and so is virtually unspoilt. So how do you get there? The easiest way is by driving – about 90 minutes from Hobart head to Kettering then catch the ferry across to Bruny Island.

8. Victoria – More to the Morning than Mornington Peninsula

Image Reference: https://www.peninsulahotsprings.com/

Who doesn’t like relaxing in a hot spring? Our own #widowtotheworld loves it by her own admission. You don’t have to go to New Zealand or Bath in the UK (although we did and yes it was awesome and yes we will post up about it soon). Just 90 minutes out of Melbourne below the Hot Springs in the Mornington Peninsula is Australia’s only natural thermal mineral springs and day spa facility.

There is a bath house, cave pool, Turkish steam bath, cold plunge pools and more. There are family bathing areas so the kiddies can join you if you have them, but if it were me I’d leave them with a babysitter and head off for a luxury relaxing weekend. During peak times (weekends and holidays) its essential to book and recommended for non peak times.

Happy Trip Avenging!



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