Get Lucky at the Lucky Dumpling Markets

The Lucky Dumpling Markets are part of the OzAsia Festival in Adelaide and on until 8th October. Its on the Riverside Precinct overlooking the Torrens (just in front of the Festival Theatre).

The Captain and I went over the long weekend and certainly got lucky – with tasty food, spectacular views of the river, glorious sunshine, entertainment and even the opportunity to hang with these guys.

Entry is free, but the venue is not huge, so it can fill up quickly. On weekdays its open from 5pm  and on weekends from 11 am. Taking a punt that a Monday public holiday would have to be treated as a ‘weekend’ we went for a wander around 4.30 pm and our punt paid off. We set aside our self-mocking at eating dinner at ‘nursing home’ time and sat down to a very early dinner.

There are plenty of stalls selling different food and drink – Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese and dumplings of course (although not as many dumpling stalls as you would think given the name suggests it’s a feast of dumplings). We opted for the teppenyaki noodles – with the lot for the Captain and veggie for me. Overall it was a pretty tasty dish and we thoroughly enjoyed it in the ambiance and sunshine.

Verdict: check it out this week or it will be gone!

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