The Jewel of the Crown (Metropol)

The Crown Metropol hotel in Southbank, Melbourne is, in two words, stunning luxury. It’s my favourite place to stay whenever I’m lucky enough to be in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Southbank, with its abundance of restaurants, bars and shops, is literally on your doorstep and if you like taking your chances at the tables, the casino is accessible via the airbridge on the 1st floor. But all of these things are outside the hotel. We haven’t even begun on the delights of the hotel itself. If you don’t want to leave, there’s absolutely no need and here are all the reasons why:

The beds – are large, luxurious and comfortable. The pillows are plush and it’s rare not to get a good nights sleep with those things on your side. If your pillow is too soft or hard, let reception know and you’ll be brought up a different one.

The rooms – are just as large, luxurious and comfortable. All contain desks, a sofa and coffee table so you’re not going to spend your stay stuck on a cramped bed. The bathroom is thoughtfully laid out with a separate toilet, shower (both with frosted glass windows) and sink.

The food – I’m not a fan of room service. It’s normally over priced, the portions are tiny and the taste is average. Not so at the Crown. Mr Hive, the restaurant on the 1st floor, also delivers to your room for only a small cost more. I ordered the vegetarian curry tiffin meal which came delivered in a tiffin carrier! The delight didn’t stop there. The portion was aplenty (as you can see from the pictures) and it tasted delicious. I enjoyed my meal in the comfort of my room (and robe 🙂 )

The amenities – robes, thongs (or flip flops if you hail from the UK) are available for use in the pool and spa area.


Now for the real jewel of the crown…. The pool and spa area.


On level 27 of the Crown is a full floor relaxation and fitness area. The gym is large and equipped with treadmills, cycle machines and weights. I tend not to spend much time in there though. My true love of the Crown is this magnificent baby…..


The infinity pool is glorious. To find it this empty you’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn like I did, but as you can see it was well worth it. Gaze over the city lights of Melbourne as you swim laps or just sit at the edge.



Or if you like it hot, relax in the 38 degree plunge pool.


The lounge chairs are comfortable and there’s even cozy cabanas for two:


If you really like to up the temperature the mens and ladies bathrooms spa (with massage jets and airbeds!) and steam room are warm (a plus in cold, cold Melbourne).


I haven’t yet made use of the day spa, but given you can hang out all day on the lounges watching the skyline and going for a dip in the pool – that is relaxing enough without the massage. If I end up getting one though, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


Verdict: A little slice of heaven 🙂


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